Why choose Mailo

Your e-mail address, just like your postal address, represents you. It shows your correspondents that you subscribe to the image and the values of the service which you have chosen.

Using Mailo means to avoid spreading and promoting the values of the few multinational companies who are trying to monopolize the market.

1 – An e-mail address just like you, refusing standardization

  • Mailo provides e-mail addresses without any connotated association with a globalization giant.
  • The e-mail address which Mailo provides is a tool at your disposal. It is not an instrument to profile users, at the service of a corporate giant that seeks to create a global database.
  • The billion users of the few large services, as trendy as they may seem, all have the same uniform and impersonal e-mail addresses.

2 – The respect of privacy

  • Mailo, unlike the market leaders, refuses the practice of e-mail analyzing for advertising purposes.
  • The Mailo users' data is protected by French and European laws.
  • In order to take the utmost care of the privacy of its users, the service has implemented the Mailo Charter.

3 – For the quality of service

  • A true mail specialist providing efficient tools, suitable for everyone's needs.
  • The only mail system providing a service to families and children.
  • An independent company, close to its users and one that listens to them.
  • A perennial service, one of the first mail providers and still innovating today.

4 – A service published by a human, European small company

  • Mailo is published by a French company, not by the European branch of a multinational company whose headquarters have been relocated to avoid taxation.
  • All user data, including messages, is stored on servers located in France.